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Find out what people on the web are saying about your company with Dialogix Social Media Monitoring. Read the information below and learn how Dialogix could benefit your company. Sign up for a free trial here.

An Introduction to Dialogix

Dialogix is a monitoring tool that shows you exactly what conversations are happening about your brand, industry and competitors in social media websites like Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, news websites, forums, MySpace, Facebook and many, many more. Dialogix allows you to track sentiment, create a database of key influencers and then keep on top of the buzz with handy alerts from our team of analysts.

What Can You do with Dialogix?

Social Media monitoring

•    Allows you to pick up on bad publicity immediately and in real-time
•    Tells you when you have a crisis on your hands
•    Gives you new product ideas
•    Lets you eavesdrop on the competition
•    Tells you when you need to do work to get people talking about you

Sentiment Analysis

•    Is a 24/7 market research focus group
•    Proves that the ad you just ran changed people’s opinion of your brand
•    Identifies patterns in positive and negative buzz
•    Helps justify your marketing spend
•    Keeps your advertising or PR agency honest

Influencer Profiling

•    Build a database of people talking about you
•    Lets you get in contact with your fans and hecklers
•    Invite your top 10 fans to your next product development meeting
•    Give away 20 tickets to your corporate box
•    Find free extras for your next TVC
•    Hold a VIP event and show love to your 200 top online brand ambassadors

How is Dialogix different from other tools? Check out the details below…

It’s Australian

Dialogix is an Australian tool, created by Australians, for Australian brands. Other tools claim to have country-specific filters, but Australian conversations are our SPECIALTY. We’re the best in the world at it and we do things no other tool does. We understand how Australians talk.

We use intelligent robots AND human analysts (people)

Robots are great at building cars and blowing things up, but they’re not very good at analysing conversations. Australians use a lot of slang, a lot of sarcasm and a lot of strange words. Only a monitoring tool powered by people can interpret our language with accuracy.

Dialogix rates sentiment ACCURATELY

Because we use people and robots we can easily and accurately contextualise conversations. We get it right 100% of the time, so when the chart goes up after your latest ad campaign or down after that bit of bad press gets out, you know you’ve got a reliable indicator of what people really think about you. (PR companies and ad agencies love us because we can prove what they do works).
We build a profile of your influencers and rank them according to their social authority

Dialogix creates a detailed database of everyone who talks about your brand and then categorises them into ‘Fans’ (people who overall, say nice things about you), ‘Hecklers’ (those who don’t seem to like you) and ‘Crowd Members’ (people who talk about you with neutral sentiment).

We then use trademarked technology to figure out how much ‘social authority’ they have and give them a score accordingly. This helps you decide which people you should be listening to carefully, and which conversations probably don’t need urgent attention.

You can sort influencers by their social authority, the number of times they mention your brand, or by their nickname. Everything is completely searchable too, so if you want to see at a glance everyone with a high social authority who has mentioned your brand and the words ‘hate’, ‘love’ or perhaps ‘gave me food poisoning’ in the last month, it’s dead simple.
We’ll benchmark you against your competitors

Want to know if people are saying nicer things about you in social media than your competitors? Want to know if the volume of conversation about your brand is comparable to your arch rival? Easy, just look at the chart.

There’s no spam – all the data you see is relevant

If your brand is ‘Uniquelynamed Australian Product Co’ you can easily just setup a Google alert for your name and almost everything you get sent will be relevant. On the flipside, if your brand has a generic name, or is sold overseas, most tools will swamp you with conversations that have nothing to do with what you’re up to here in Australia. If you haven’t got time to wade through irrelevant data to try and find the nuggets of goodness, Dialogix is the only tool that eliminates the spam for you without also binning potentially relevant conversations. How? We’re not just a bunch of robots.

We have the news covered too

Throw out your Media Monitors subscription, if an online news outlet reported it, we’ll archive the article for you, chart it and tell you about it.

It’s completely customisable

Dialogix has no lock-in contracts and you can change your keywords whenever you like, so your monitoring program can adapt to suit the changing needs of the business.

Monitoring Packages

  • Bronze Package - Comprehensive basic monitoring, conversation archiving and charting
  • Silver Package - Monitoring, sentiment analysis, influencer profiling and advanced spam filtering
  • Gold Package - The gold standard Australian social media monitoring and analysis service
  • Custom Package - Monitor everything you need and nothing you don’t

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