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Mining & Energy Stock Tips

Australian Mining Stock Tips from the Professionals

  • FN Arena a widely used tool by the investment community (even my broker uses it)
  • The Eureka Report features respected financial commentator Alan Kohler's news and tips sheet
  • Fat Prophets provide stock tips categorised by market sector
  • The Insider Trader gives 'inside' information, like director buys/sells and more
  • The Rivkin Report advises exactly what stocks to buy and sell, and at what price
  • Huntleys is a well-respected research house
  • The Intelligent Investor
  • The Australian Stock Report



There are quite a few forums that are dedicated to the discussion of ASX listed companies and related issues.

A word of caution: By and large these are places that, experienced investors would agree, are quite dangerous for newcomers to the share market to take advice from. Many are frequented by those with an agenda. They are very much a "buyer beware" environment.

Tips on what type of forum poster to ignore: Those that do not post any facts or analysis but concentrate on opinions. Especially be aware of posters that talk about conspiracies, fraudulent directors and make personal and abusive remarks towards posters that they disagree with.

Australian Shares Forum
More of a blog than a forum.

Hot Copper
Offers free membership. Heavy dependence on advertising.

Chat site that ranges from politics to shares. It also offers free membership. Heavy dependence on advertising.

Free membership. Not laden with advertising.

Aussie Stock Forums
Free registration
Free and paid registration. Special section for new investors

Shares Guru
Free membership



In conjunction with Intaanetto we also bring you a number of free, informative mining related websites to help further increase your knowledge base:
e-Stockbroker is fast becoming the largest online database of Australian stock brokers and share brokers. Use the Quick Finder to go straight to the location you want, or browse by region using the map below to find an Australian stock broker or share broker near you.
Australian Gold .com has been designed to provide an in depth resource for those interested in Australian Gold Investment, with information on gold mining, buying gold or investing in Australian Gold producers or explorers.
Underground Coal Gasification and the conversion of Gas to Liquids provides an insight into the new technologies and the investment opportunities that will see Australia become both oil independent and a maor exporter to Asia.
A group of forums for the discussion of alternative energies with an investment focus plus our Alternative Energy Indices, updated daily, covering the range of Australian and global alternative energies including: uranium, renewables, natural gas, low emission utilities, hydrogen, silicon as well as climate impact inidices in table format.
Hot Rock Energy also known as Geothermal Energy is an exciting field for the Green energy investor.  We present the companies involved and a description of the different technologies for the investor. "if a low estimate of 1% were taken, Australian geothermal sources could provide 26,000 years of energy supply."
Australian Rare Earths is an independent website dedicated to furthering research, investment and discussion about the Australian Rare Earth Elements mining and export industries.
An exploration of the Australian gas sector. Producers, explorers, share indexes.
An overview of Australia's Lithium mining and exploration companies
"There are no substitutes for phosphorus in agriculture." An investors guide
Australia is well described in the global uranium industry as the “lucky country” with its vast low-cost uranium resources of 1,347,877 tons of known recoverable resources.

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