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Rum Jungle Resources Ltd’s strategic intent is to find, develop and operate fertiliser mineral, base metals and gold projects, located in close proximity to existing transport infrastructure, with a geographical focus on the Northern Territory.

The Ammaroo Phosphate Project is a global-scale, very long life resource, positioned in proximity to existing transport and gas infrastructure and located in a stable OECD country. (Currently the majority of the world’s seaborne traded phosphate originates from the Middle East and Northern Africa whereby the long term security of supply remains uncertain under a number of realistic scenarios.)

The production of phosphoric acid and the conversion of that acid to ammonium phosphate fertilisers to supply the southern Australian, Indian and regional Asian markets, could be positioned in the first quartile of the global cost curve for delivery to these markets. The low cost position is underpinned by very low costs of mining and processing as the ore is shallow and free digging and easily converted into a rock concentrate suitable as a local phosphoric acid plant feedstock, relatively low costs of gas for ammonia production and proximity to markets in Asia through Darwin and in southern Australian markets that are located in proximity to the southern terminus of the Central Australian Railway.

The JORC 2012 Resource for the main Ammaroo Resource is 1.145 billion tonnes at 14% P2O5, using a 10% cutoff.

The Karinga Lakes Potash Project covers a chain of dry salt lakes along the Lasseter Highway between Alice Springs and Uluru. It is part of the Central Australian Groundwater Discharge Zone. The Rum Jungle Resources JV has defined a potash brine resource beneath the dry playa lakes. These brines could be used for the production of various fertiliser minerals. The water-soluble potassium-bearing mineral salts, loosely called "potash", include potassium sulfate (sulfate of potash, SOP which is usually a manufactured product) and potassium magnesium sulfate (schoenite or leonite). Schoenite can be obtained from the Karinga salt lake brines via solar evaporation in ponds and/or flotation processing.

Lake Mackay South Potash Project is a joint venture with Toro Energy Ltd (ASX: TOE)that gives Rum Jungle Resources potash exploration rights to the southern part of Lake Mackay as held by Toro Energy Limited. A JORC brine potash resources of 13 million tonnes K2SO4 was announced for the Lake Mackay South Potash Project on 9th September 2014.

Lake Hopkins Potash Project Lake Hopkins lies at the western end of the Central Australian Groundwater Discharge Zone and the Karinga Lakes lie on the eastern end. Rum Jungle Resources Ltd holds three granted titles over Lake Hopkins to explore for Potash.

Patanella Phosphate Project (formerly also called Lucy Creek) on EL 24716 is a rock phosphate deposit on the opposite side of the Georgina Basin from Rum Jungle Resources' flagship Northern Territory Ammaroo Resource. Patanella is 265 km northeast of Alice Springs, 155 km southwest of the Ammaroo Resource and 100 km south-southeast of Ammaroo South.

Lake Amadeus Potash Project, NT consists of six contiguous ELs applications cover all of Lake Amadeus in the NT. The applications include 1,010 km2 of lake area along a 130 km length. The eastern boundary is contiguous with the Karinga Lakes Project and corresponds to the ALRA/pastoral boundary.

Lake Hopkins Potash Project - WA Rum Jungle Resources Ltd holds three granted titles over Lake Hopkins to explore for Potash.

Dingo Hole Silica Project, NT is targeting potentially high-purity silica quartz rock. The titles are contiguous with and north of the Ammaroo phosphate project. A process of title rationalisation and consolidation is underway.

Mine For

potash, phosophate, IOCG, copper, nickel, platinum group elements

Location of operation(s)

Northern Territory, Western Australia, South Australia

Australian Basins



Unit 20 , 90 Frances Bay Drive


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