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Having migrated to the Singapore Stock Exchange on the 23/12/2013 Linc Energy has now delisted from the ASX

Linc Energy's SGX code is TI6
N.B. "Linc Energy share certificates will be sent to shareholders in January 2014. Enclosed with the share certificate will be a guide to trading your shares on the Singapore Exchange once a certificate has been issued.

Linc Energy is a globally focused, diversified energy company with a strong portfolio of coal, oil and gas deposits. Download Linc's world energy map It is Linc Energy’s purpose to unlock the value of its resources to produce energy to fuel the future.

Linc Energy is the global leader in Underground Coal Gasification (UCG), which delivers a synthesis gas feedstock to supply commercially viable energy solutions – such as electricity, transport fuels and oil production – through gas turbine combined cycle power generation, Gas to Liquids (GTL) Fischer-Tropsch processing and Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Linc Energy has proven the combination of two technologies, Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) and Gas to Liquids (GTL). Together these technologies have the potential to economically convert 'stranded' coal, from deep underground, into ultra-clean liquid fuels.

As oil prices climb and its demand across the globe increases, technologies to provide coal-rich, oil-reliant countries with energy security gathers importance.

Linc Energy's Chinchilla Demonstration Facility has set the scene for greater energy security having proven that coal, from deep underground can be gasified to create synthesis gas (known as syngas). The GTL technology at this facility works to produce syncrude (which requires refinement to create diesel and other liquid fuel products) from UCG syngas.

Linc Energy is on a rapid global expansion path to commercialise its portfolio of resources, with established offices across three continents in the United States, the Europe and Australia.

Linc Energy is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange (TI6) and can also be traded in the United States via the OTCQX (LNCGY).

Mine For

coal, oil, ucg, gtl

Location of operation(s)

Queensland, South Australia, USA, Poland, Uzbekistan, South Africa, United Kingdom.

Australian Basins

Arcaringa, Cooper, Euromanga, Walloway, Bowen, Callide, Drummond, Surat etc.


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