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Kangaroo Resources Limited is a coal-focused Company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:KRL). The Company is debt-free and has coal assets in Indonesia, as well as various assets in Australia, including iron ore, base metals and gold.

Kangaroo Resources has commenced production from its first coal operation (GPK) in Indonesia in December 2009 and added in a second producing asset (Mamahak) in Feb 2009. Currently both operations are in an early operational phase, with infrastructure and other mine planning underway to ramp up. KRL plans to bring other coal mines into production over the course of 2010 and thereafter. The Company ultimately aims to leverage off its strong Indonesian relationships to build a robust mining house, with strong cash flows and an exciting funnel of new projects.

With its outstanding growth potential and focused strategy Kangaroo Resources represents a quality investment in the Australian mining sector.


The Mt Ruby Project comprises one tenement (EPM14880) covering an area of 93km², and contains a high grade (+60% Fe) DSO magnetite/hematite resource with good access to infrastructure. The project is 120km from the Mourilyan Harbour bulk loading facility near Innisfail. The near term exploration work programme for Mt Ruby may comprise the following:

* Initiate a Scoping Study to determine the economics of developing this project;
* Commence an exploration drilling programme with the aim of establishing a JORC resource.


The tenements held by Kangaroo Resources have a combined land area of 2,955 km² in the historically mineral rich and polymetallic regions of the Georgetown Inlier, Herberton Region, Mungana, and regions surrounding Mt Carbine. The projects provide gold, tin-tungsten, copper and lead exploration targets. The Board is of the view that further exploration for tonnage and quality grade is warranted based on the known geology, historic finds and style of prospecting, and the clear under exploration of key regions as identified in the Queensland Natural Resources, Mining and Water (QNRMW) database.

The projects contain over 500 historic mineral strikes and over 450 historic mines. Of significance is that 10 of these listed mines, according to historical data still contain JORC compliant in situ mineral resources, comprising primarily tin, but also tungsten, gold, silver, copper, uranium, lead and antimony.


The Tanur Jaya Project is an advanced coal concession located in East Kalimantan and is part of the Pakar Thermal Coal Project. The Tanur Jaya Project has the following key characteristics:

* An estimated mineable target of 75 -100 million tonnes*.
* TJ Coal Properties: Average 4:1 bcm/t strip ratio (dependant on coal price); Dips are generally in the range of 5 to 15 degrees; The coal is sub-bituminous, has very low sulphur, and low ash contents; Coal quality (estimated):
* Calorific value 5,000 - 5,400 (adb)
* Total Moisture ~38.4% (ar)
* Total Sulphur ~0.14% (adb)
* Ash ~4.8% (adb)
* A drilling programme is currently in progress with an exploration target of an additional 60 – 80 million tonnes of coal, with estimated coal quality of 5,200 – 5,400 Kcal/kg (adb)*.
* The Tanur Jaya concession is part of the Pakar Thermal Coal Project, with all the associated infrastructure and development near-to completion.
* Initial production targeted to commence by March 2010.
* Coal market/logistics; Low rank coal = sale into existing PLN contracts; Barge direct to power stations as per supplier contracts


Kangaroo Resources Limited has entered into an agreement with the concession owner - PT Graha Panca Karsa, under which it will be granted the exploration, mining and selling rights to an 84.82% interest in the GPK Project - a significant thermal coal project in East Kalimantan. This interest has now been earned via the terms of the agreement and KRL has an 84.82% interest in the GPK Project.


Kangaroo Resources Limited announced on 16th December 2009 an agreement with TSX-listed mining company South Gobi Energy Resources Ltd for KRL to acquire all of SGER’s mining assets in Indonesia, including their 85% interest in the Mamahak Coking Coal Project. The Mamahak Project has a JORC resource of 10.22Mt of high-quality coking coal, extensive infrastructure capable of supporting up to 1.5Mtpa coal production and a large 30,000 tonne coking coal stockpile ready for immediate delivery.


The Kubar Indah Coking Coal Project is a 26,600Ha concession located approximately 100km from the Mahakam River in East Kalimantan and with an exploration target ranging from 100 - 140 million tonnes* of high quality coal. Historical exploration works include over 5,000 metres of drilling with seven main interpreted coal seams, ranging from 0.5 – 3.5m thickness. Production of up to 1Mtpa is targeted to commence in 2012, with planned ramp up to 2Mtpa in 2013. The Project’s location makes it ideal for 5000t barge haulage. The Project targets coking coal and very high quality thermal coal with coking properties.


The Company has acquired the option to enter into a Joint Venture with Alexis Minerals International Pty Ltd over two coal concessions – Bara Pratama (BP) and Mitra Bara Karya (MBK), in East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The MBK Project comprises a large concession of 4151Ha. Historical exploration works within MBK have identified targets for future drilling programs, and indicate the potential for high quality thermal coal within the MBK concession, with laboratory analysis showing results up to 7100 Kcal/kg. The MBK project is inferred to host up to twelve (12) thin coal seams.


The Jawana and Borami Coking Coal Projects comprise two 15,000ha exploration concessions, targeting coking coal and very high quality thermal coal, and are located adjacent to the Mahakam River and neighbouring South Gobi’s Mamahak Project (~15Mt JORC resource reported). Although classed as greenfields projects, they cover highly-prospective geological terrain, with a potential exploration target of between 20-40 million tonnes* of coal. KRL is targeting production at Jawana and Borami in 2012/2013.

Mine For

tin, tungsten, gold, antimony, coal

Location of operation(s)

Queensland, Indonesia


21 Teddington Rd
BURSWOOD, WA, Australia


(61 8) 9486 2333



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