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GTI has continued its focus on identification of advanced projects which may provide significant opportunities for future growth of the Company. Much of the emphasis has been on reviewing near-production projects in Indonesia, a country which is benefitting from recent renewed interest by international mining companies.

Exploration has also continued on the current portfolio of Western Australian projects, but at a reduced level. A number of tenement applications have been withdrawn and rental refunds received, to allow the Company to reduce its exposure to “grass-roots” plays.

During 2008, GTI broadened its network of contacts in order to identify mineral opportunities suitable for participation and growth of the Company. As the global financial crisis has continued to deepen, the number and type of projects being offered has improved significantly and GTI considers it is well positioned to take advantage of this trend.

Numerous opportunities have been considered and reviewed by the team. These have included a range of commodities in countries worldwide, with an emphasis on advanced coal and gold projects particularly in Indonesia. A new Mining Law, passed in December 2008, and an increased return to Indonesia by a number of major international mining companies during the past year, attest to an improved exploration, investment and mining environment in that country.

The Company has recently established a presence in Indonesia through a local consulting group, giving access to an expanded network of contacts within the mining sector and a Jakarta base from which to operate. This development builds on contacts and visits made during 2008 to both Indonesia and Singapore, including project evaluations.

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