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In 2010 the Company entered into an Option and Joint Venture Agreement with Orosur Mining Inc (“OMI”) whereby the Company can earn up to an 80% interest in the iron ore, manganese ore and base metals in OMI’s project area at the Isla Cristalina Belt (“ICB”) in Uruguay.

The Agreement with OMI provides for Gladiator to earn a 20% interest in the Zapucay Project by expending USD $1,000,000 on work programmes. Gladiator may, at its discretion, earn a further 31% by expending a further USD $4,000,000 taking its interest to 51%. Gladiator may elect to earn a further 29% taking its interest to 80% by producing a bankable feasibility study on or before 31 December 2015.

Under the terms of the agreement in August 2010 the Company issued to OMI 450,000 fully paid shares in the Company (with a market value of $100,000 calculated using the average trading price of the Company’s shares over the 5 day trading period).

The Agreement provides for OMI to retain the mineral rights to gold, silver and diamonds within the project area. The Agreement addresses the usual matters contained in agreements of this nature including, but not limited to, representations and warranties by OMI and Gladiator, termination provisions, the conduct of the parties under the proposed joint venture, the manner in which the Company exercises its options to earn its interest in the project, provisions for transfer of exploration tenements between the parties, force majeure and the definition of an area of mutual interest which substantially covers all of the prospective iron areas of the ICB.

The Agreement also addresses work programmes during the earn-in phase as well as the conduct of the parties once mining commences on any portion of the project area. The guidelines and parameters of the bankable feasibility study are defined and considered to be on commonly accepted terms for studies of this nature.

The Agreement anticipates the formation of a joint venture via an incorporated entity in Uruguay with the joint venture parties holding their respective interests in the incorporated entity. The Option Agreement covers the key terms to be included in the incorporated joint venture and the parties expect this agreement to be completed during calendar 2010.


The project area comprises 750 km2 in the ICB district of Uruguay and is located approximately 400km north of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay and some 50km from the border with Brazil.

The ICB is a geological inlier of Proterozoic age rocks in the northern part of Uruguay. The inlier extends approximately 100km east west and is 30km wide at its widest point. The ICB is considered to be prospective for a number of commodities and is known to contain areas with good iron ore potential. OMI’s tenements extend over the most prospective areas of the ICB.,?p>

The project area has been explored by OMI for gold and base metals and OMI has provided Gladiator with relevant airborne and ground geophysical data, geological maps, drilling and other data relevant to iron ore exploration in the projects area.

The rocks comprise a package of basement gneisses, quartzites, schists and metamorphic sedimentary and volcanic rocks. Historic reports viewed by the Company indicate that the project area is prospective for iron ore, manganese ore and base metals.

Iron ore mineralisation occurs in stratigraphic units that generally form prominent topographic ridges rising 70 to 100 metres above the surrounding plains. These ridges extend east-west for approximately 60km from Zapucay through Curtume to Vichadero, striking NW-SE and dipping steeply to the SW at 70O to 80O. The zone containing the BIF outcrops varies in width from 5 to 10km.

Development Concept

The Company completed a conceptual study on the project as part of Gladiator’s obligations under the Option Agreement. Based on the results of the study Gladiator is of the opinion that the Zapucay Project has the potential for the development of a financially attractive project based on the production of pig iron using the iron ore resources located within the project tenements. To provide information and data for the study Gladiator undertook the following activities:

* An initial reconnaissance of some of the iron ore outcrops;
* Surface mapping of the Papagayo and Iman iron ore outcrops;
* Preliminary metallurgical test work on surface samples collected during the surface mapping;
* Preliminary investigations into infrastructure requirements including options for rail and port infrastructure;
* Preliminary estimates of capital and operating costs.

Based on field reconnaissance, the Zapucay area was identified as the most attractive for initial development. The Zapucay area includes the Papagayo and Iman magnetite deposits. The presence of iron ore outcrops elsewhere in the ICB provides good potential for additional ore supply outside the Zapucay area.

Preliminary metallurgical test work indicates the potential for the production of a high-grade iron concentrate. At a grind of p80 -250 mm, it was possible to recover both a high grade magnetic and a non-magnetic iron concentrate, with an average iron grade >66% and between 2 to 3% manganese. While preliminary, this does indicate the potential for the production of a high-grade iron product. The test work also appears to indicate the potential for the production of a manganese product.

Based on its investigations, Gladiator has developed a preferred development concept, which involves the production of pig iron via mini blast furnace technology using the iron ore resources located within the project area and the plantations of the surrounding area as the principal feedstocks. The concept envisages that the iron ore will be mined and processed to an iron concentrate, which will then be sintered to make it suitable as a blast furnace feed. Charcoal, produced using the timber from nearby plantations will be used as the reductant in the mini blast furnace. The pig iron will then be exported using the established rail and port infrastructure.

A sealed road passes within 10km of the project area, the electrical grid terminates less than 20km from the project and employees experienced in mining and forestry can be sourced from population centres in the vicinity of the project.

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copper, iron ore, manganese

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