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Globe is an African-focused resource company, specialising in rare metals such as niobium, tantalum and rare earths, as well as other commodities including fluorite, uranium and zircon. Its main focus is the multi-commodity Kanyika Niobium Project in Malawi, Africa, which will commence production of ferro-niobium in 2014, a key additive in sophisticated steels.

Globe also has a number of other projects at an earlier stage of development: the Machinga REE Project in southern Malawi, and the Mount Muambe REE-Fluorite Project in Mozambique

Kanyika Niobium Project, Malawi

The Kanyika Niobium Project is Globe’s flagship project, and one that was discovered during grassroots exploration in 2006. On track to commence production in 2014, Globe is focused on completing the definitive feasibility study (DFS) in Q3 of 2012.

Kanyika is approximately 150km from the capital of Malawi, Lilongwe, and in the southern part of the Mzimba District. Globe has a permanent office at Kanyika, in addition to its regional headquarters in Lilongwe.

Niobium, in the form of ferro-niobium, will be the main product from Kanyika, with bi-products to include tantalum oxide, uranium oxide and potentially also zircon.

Mount Muambe REE-Fluorite Project, Mozambique

The Mount Muambe REE-Fluorite Project is the Company’s most exciting earlier-stage opportunities, and with a heavy program of exploration scheduled for 2011, an exciting flow of news is likely to keep the market interested.

Globe can earn up to a 90% interest in the Project, and currently has earned 20%, based upon its initial 2010 maiden drill campaign.

Mount Muambe is a 5-6km diameter carbonatite crater in the Tete Province of Mozambique. The exploration permit covers the entire crater. To date, results have shown the crater to be mineralized with fluorite and heavy rare earths, but only a small fraction of the crater has been explored to date.

Globe plans to produce both a fluorite and rare earth JORC resource in 2011.

Machinga REE Project, Malawi

The Machinga REE Project is a joint venture between Globe and Resource Star Limited (ASX: RSL), whereby Globe can earn up to 80% of the Project over a period of time. It currently has earned a 20% interest in the Project.

The Project is located in southern Malawi, near the former capital, Zomba.

In addition to the extremely valuable rare earths, niobium, tantalum and thorium are also present. However, at the present time, insufficient work has been carried out to in order to assess the full economic potential of the Project, as only an initial drill campaign has been carried out, in late 2010.

Mine For

niobium, uranium, tantalum, zircon, rare earth elements, fluorite

Location of operation(s)

Malawi, Mozambique


Level 1 Suite 2, 16 Ord St


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