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Echo Resources Limited (“Echo”) (ASX code EAR) is an Australian exploration company committed to the growth of shareholder value through successful exploration and project acquisitions. Echo is exploring for gold, copper and nickel deposits in highly endowed mineral provinces in Western Australia and Queensland.

Yandal Project, Western Australia

The Yandal Project covers a premier position in the Yandal Belt in the northern part of the Eastern Goldfields Province, Australia's largest gold producing region. Over 13Moz of gold have been delineated in the Yandal Belt in a number of deposits since 1987. The largest gold deposits include Jundee (5.4Moz gold), Bronzewing (2.3Moz gold), Darlot (2.9Moz gold) and Thunderbox (2.0Moz gold).

The Yandal Belt lies 50km east of the belt hosting some of the world's largest komatiite-associated nickel sulphide deposits, including Mount Keith (2.7Mt nickel), Perseverance (1.3Mt nickel) and Honeymoon Well (1.1Mt nickel).

The Project's aggregate Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource is approximately 2.1Mt @ 1.5g/t Au for 100koz Au on granted mining leases.

Echo's tenements cover highly prospective geology and mineralised structures containing anomalous gold results requiring follow-up exploration.

Drilling results:

Bills Find Prospect

6m @ 15.2g/t Au from 126m
13m @ 4.5g/t Au from 71m
4m @ 7.4g/t Au from 62m
6m @ 3.1g/t Au from 54m

Wimbledon Prospect

12m @ 12.8g/t Au from 28m
2m @ 14.6g/t Au from 51m
7m @ 3.8g/t Au from 22m

Shady Well Prospect

10m @ 15.5g/t Au from 20m
20m @ 2.8g/t Au from 38m
2m @ 10.3g/t Au from 30m
12m @ 2.5g/t Au from 52m
6m @ 10.2g/t Au from 12m

Orpheus Prospect

7m @ 11.0g/t Au from 43m
8m @ 12.9g/t Au from 24m
8m @ 3.5g/t Au from 54m to end-of-hole
6m @ 4.5g/t Au from 72m

Tipperary Well Prospect

22m @ 1.6g/t Au from 31m
2m @ 5.7g/t Au from 58m to end-of-hole
2m @ 18.4g/t Au from 50m
6m @ 4.1g/t Au from 48m

The Project area has received little modern exploration for nickel, despite the tenements containing ultramafic rocks similar to those hosting nearby nickel sulphide deposits. Echo is conducting nickel exploration on highly prospective ultramafic units with an aggregate strike length exceeding 60km.

Mount Chalmers, Queensland

The Mount Chalmers Project covers volcanic-hosted massive sulphide copper-gold deposits in the Early Permian Berserker Group, including the historic Mount Chalmers Mine site. Recorded production from underground and open cut mining at Mount Chalmers from 1898-1982 was approximately 1.2Mt @ 3.6g/t Au, 2.0% Cu, 19g/t Ag for 142koz Au, 53Mlbs Cu, 758koz Ag. The project contains a remaining Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource of approximately 3.6Mt @ 0.8g/t Au, 1.2% Cu, 8g/t Ag for 96koz Au, 97Mlbs Cu, 924koz Ag. The Mount Chalmers Mine area has not been drilled since the early 1980s, except for minor extension drilling beneath the open cut during 1995. The average depth of exploration drill holes is only about 80m. Large areas of Echo's tenements are untested by drilling or have only been tested by shallow drilling.

Drilling results:

* 20m @ 4.2g/t Au / 1.8% Cu from 140m
* 12m @ 6.0g/t Au / 0.36% Cu / 64g/t Ag from 39m
* 27m @ 2.4g/t Au / 0.76% Cu / 24g/t Ag from 21m
* 16m @ 3.2g/t Au / 2.6% Cu from 116m
* 9.5m @ 6.0g/t Au / 5.5% Cu from 95m
* 10m @ 5.2g/t Au / 0.57% Cu / 65g/t Ag from 12m

Mount Wheeler, Queensland

The Mount Wheeler Project covers the northern part of the Cawarral Gold Trend, an interpreted regional gold mineralisation corridor. Numerous gold nuggets, some as large as 259oz Au, have reportedly been recovered from colluvial sources around Mount Wheeler. Bedrock gold mineralisation is hosted by shear zones and quartz reefs within serpentinite and gabbro. Recorded gold production from selective mining of bedrock reefs at the Galawa Mine in the Mount Wheeler Goldfield averaged 62g/t Au. The Hibernia and Long Tunnel mines in the Constitution Hill Goldfield are reported to have produced gold at an average grade of 25g/t Au. The historic mine workings have not been subjected to systematic drill testing. Only four shallow RC holes have been completed by a previous explorer at the Galawa Mine. Three of these holes intersected old workings. The remaining historic gold mining areas on Echo's tenement have not been drill tested for bedrock gold mineralisation. Drilling under gold workings in the Annie-Cawarral Goldfield (in areas outside Echo's tenement) has yielded results of 2m @ 232g/t Au from surface and 7m @ 3.0g/t Au from 83m.

Munholme, Queensland

In the Munholme Project area, domains of gold, silver, copper and zinc mineralisation have been identified associated with a hydrothermally altered diorite stock. These domains form inter-related components of a large, zoned system containing vein, shear, stockwork and disseminated mineralisation styles. Significant potential for the discovery of intrusion-associated gold and base metal deposits.

Drilling results:

Amoeba Prospect

24m @ 6.2g/t Au from surface
6m @ 13.5g/t Au /19g/t Ag from 12m
8m @ 2.5g/t Au from surface
10m @ 2.0g/t Au from 12m
2m @ 22.4g/t Au from 40m

BJ's Prospect

8m @ 21.3g/t Au / 58g/t Ag from 2m
11m @ 1.6g/t Au / 271g/t Ag from 1m
2m @ 2.5g/t Au / 112g/t Ag from surface
2m @ 22.0g/t Au from surface
2 m @ 5.5g/t Au / 133g/t Ag from 47m

Barite Lode Prospect

23m @ 112g/t Ag / 0.37% Cu / 3.8% Zn from 21m
16.8m @ 208g/t Ag / 0.77% Cu / 2.8% Zn from 37m
10m @ 1.7g/t Au from 12m
12m @ 3.7% Zn / 0.41% Cu from 40m
2m @ 46.2g/t Au / 7g/t Ag from 4m
1m @ 29.1g/t Au / 26g/t Ag from 5m
4m @ 3.4g/t Au / 19g/t Ag from 12m

Clermont, Queensland

The Clermont Project tenements extend over covered and deeply weathered units of the southern Drummond Basin sequence (including Cycle 1 Silver Hills Volcanics) and the Anakie Metamorphic Group. These units are prospective for epithermal and mesothermal gold mineralisation. The Drummond Basin is one of Queensland's most significant gold producing regions. Echo's Clermont Project is located 40km southeast of the high-grade (>10g/t Au) Twin Hills gold deposits which are currently being mined. Previous exploration in the southern portion of the project area has recorded gold mineralisation in areas of shallow cover.

Moorlands Bore Prospect

Rock chips:

15.1g/t Au
13.0g/t Au
8.1g/t Au
6.2g/t Au
4.7g/t Au


18m @ 0.88g/t Au from 18m (incl. 4m @ 2.7g/t Au from 22m)
10m @ 0.89g/t Au from 42m (incl. 4m @ 1.6g/t Au from 42m)
8m @ 1.2g/t Au from 26m (incl. 2m @ 3.0g/t Au from 26m)
16m @ 0.80g/t Au from 26m (incl. 4m @ 1.3g/t Au from 28m)
8m @ 1.1g/t Au from 30m to end-of-hole
4m @ 1.8g/t Au from 28m
4m @ 2.5g/t Au from 66m (incl. 2m @ 4.8g/t Au from 66m)
8m @ 0.96g/t Au from 277m (incl. 1m @ 6.3g/t Au from 280m)

Monteagle Prospect

Rock chips:

3.2g/t Au
2.8g/t Au
9m @ 2.1g/t Au (composite sample)


4m @ 6.9g/t Au from 41m
3m @ 1.8g/t Au from 70m
2m @ 3.7g/t Au from 101m
1m @ 5.5g/t Au from 94m
1m @ 6.7g/t Au from 110m

Reedy Creek, Queensland

The Reedy Creek Project area contains numerous historic gold, silver, copper, lead, bismuth and fluorite workings and prospects. The project is located directly adjacent to the tenement containing the 31koz Au Anastasia breccia-hosted gold deposit. Drilling and costeaning by previous explorers recorded silver and low-grade gold mineralisation associated with a hydrothermal breccia pipe at Sulphide Cap Prospect. Assays of polymetallic vein float material adjacent to the breccia pipe have given values as high as 10g/t Au and 4,100g/t Ag. The project area shows many of the key geological indicators for intrusion-associated gold-silver deposits. The project is considered prospective for gold deposits associated with subvolcanic or rhyolite dome breccia complexes. Several aeromagnetic anomalies have been identified within an interpreted west-northwest-trending target area between Anastasia and Sulphide Cap.

Mine For

gold, copper, nickel, silver, zinc

Location of operation(s)

Western Australia, Queensland


992 Albany Hwy


(61 8) 9362 4806



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