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Australian uranium exploration projects in the Northern Territory & South Australia from a group with exceptional experience in uranium from exploration through to development.

Chilling Uranium Project, Northern Territory

Crossland has been able to secure a totally owned contiguous holding of prime prospectivity for URD that has fewer access issues than those that commonly burden explorers on ground of similar prospectivity for URD in the Northern Territory. Crossland will explore the tenements systematically and thoroughly utilising the latest methods. Some of the contact sediments in the Project area are carbonaceous shales having high background radioactivity and elevated uranium contentents that could act as an intermediate source of uranium.

Charley Creek Uranium Project, Northern Territory

The Charley Creek titles lie on pastoral leases to the west-north west of Alice Springs. There are several areas of known uranium mineralisation in central Australia, most of them sediment- hosted deposits in Palaeozoic basins. The Charley Creek area has not been intensively explored for uranium - or anything else for that matter - but has the elements that Crossland believes are necessary for formation of sediment–hosted uranium deposits.

Kalabity Uranium Project, South Australia

Crossland has entered into a Joint Venture on EL 3297 at Kalabity with Platsearch NL and Eaglehawk Geological Consulting Pty Ltd, as advised in CUX release to NSX of 1 November 2006. Under the terms of the agreement, CUX can earn at least 60%, of the project through expenditure. More details are available in the "Media and News" page of this website. The Kalabity Project is located in South Australia, approximately 100 kilometres west of Broken Hill, and lies in a district of historic uranium/radium mining that contains a variety of known deposit styles. Outcropping davidite mineralisation similar that that mined at Radium Hill has been discovered in the area, and previous work within the Kalabity title has generated other promising targets, for uranium as well as other commodities. Crossland plans an aggressive follow-up of these targets.

Pancon Uranium Joint Venture

A Joint Venture between Crossland and TSX Venture Exchange - listed Pancontinental Uranium Corp (PanconU) was concluded in July 2007. Under the terms of this Joint Venture, PanconU will fund exploration on Crossland's Australian Uranium Exploration projects to earn 50% of Crossland's interest in each project. Pancon must spend Au$8 million in total to earn this interest, and is committed to a minimum spend of $4 million within 2 years. No part of the 50% interest is transferred until the full $8 million is expended. In addition, the Joint Venture Partners have established an unlisted Canadian Public Company, Crosscontinental Uranium Limited. Each party will contribute Au$2 million to establish Crosscontinental. Crosscontinental's role is to explore for uranium on behalf of the Joint Venture outside Australia.

Crossland's Diamond and Base Metal Projects

Crossland commenced its corporate history with a group of projects across North Australia with potential for a variety of commodities, not only uranium. Crossland continues to advance these for so long as they respond positively to exploration, without shifting primary focus from uranium. Presently, only one project remains in the Crossland portfolio that is not primarily focused on uranium and a part of the Joint Venture with Pancon, that is Lake Woods project.

Lake Woods Project

* Favourable geological setting on a basement high separating the Georgina and Wiso Basins at the northern end of the Tennant Inlier.
* Anomaious number of microdiamonds with rare crystal forms that suggest a local source.

Mine For

uranium, diamonds, base metals, rare earth elements

Location of operation(s)

Northern Territory, South Australia


Level 3, 80 Arthur St


+61 8 8981 5911



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