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Delisted from ASX 05/02/2013

Bowen Energy is an Australian coal and minerals exploration company, focused on the exploration and development of coal and mineral resource projects in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. The Directors are focussed on maximising the Company’s exploration potential and realising opportunities to value-add the projects up to feasibility stage and then potentially participating in producing mines.

East Middlemount Coal Project

EPC 1085 was granted on the 23 January 2007. Work programs on the East Middlemount project have involved compilation of digital geophysical, remote sensing (Landsat) and GIS data in preparation for reconnaissance field programs and scout drilling. This work is expected to commence in late June 2007. Exploration activities over EPC 930 are currently being operated by joint venture partners Rocklands Richfield Limited, who are to expend $527,000 to earn 60% equity. Previous results of exploration programs conducted by RCI are available on the ASX web site, Second Quarter Activities Report 31/01/2007. No new information has been forthcoming to BWN on their exploration activities. The EPCs are situated in the Bowen Basin and are 10kms from the German Creek East coal mine and 20kms from the Norwich Park coal mine which both produce volatile coking coal.

West Rollestion Coal Project

EPC 1083 was granted on the 23 January 2007, Section 31 and an agreement with Bidjara #3. People has been completed with final grant of title is pending. Compilation of digital geophysical, remote sensing (Landsat) and GIS data has commenced in preparation for reconnaissance field programs and scout drilling. This work is expected to commence in late June 2007. The project area is located some 40 kilometres south west of the town of Springsure and 40 kilometres west of X-Strata Coal's Rolleston Mine and the new heavy gauge railway constructed to service that mine. Four seams have been intersected in the adjacent EPC 786 at Freitag Creek to the east, typically some 7.5 metres of net coal with cumulative coal of up to 10 metres. The equivalents of these coal seams are expected to continue into EPC 1001 to the west of EPC 786 and north into EPC 1084.

Tarong Coal Project

No work has been performed over this application. The Cooyar application was lodged to allow BEL to explore for thermal coal associated with coal seams of the Tarong Basin, and in the overlying Walloon CM of the Surat Basin. These units are interpreted to overlay the Triassic Tarong basin to the south. EPC application 1083 (Cooyar) consists of 215 sub blocks covering approximately 530 square km over parts of the Tarong, Surat and Clarence-Morton Basins in SE QLD.

Blackwater South Coal Project

Potential for extensive coal resources contained in the area of the Blackwater South Project (EPC 1045) have been indicated by extrapolation from adjacent coal mines and exploration areas, and from the petroleum and CBM exploration wells in the surrounding area. The project is considered by Bowen Energy Ltd to contain extensive areas with the potential to host underground coking coal. With just about all of the potential coking coal areas in the Bowen Basin covered with MLs, MDLs, and EPCs, the remaining target areas for coking coal within the Bowen Basin lies at depths of +300m. These resources will contain gas and may be subject to geotechnical challenges such as thrust fault zones and residual stresses.

Glen Isla Project

Preliminary Geological compilation and interpretation is in progress. Digital capture of all previous drill has been completed by Resource and Exploration mapping (REM) in Brisbane. A program of up to 1500m of Reverse Circulation drilling is expected to commence in early-mid May 2007. EPM (Exploration Permit Minerals) consists of 11 sub blocks (36 sq kms) 10 kms north east of Quamby (45 kms from Cloncurry) in north western Queensland (The Mt Isa Block). The EPM was acquired in order to explore for Uranium deposits in sedimentary palaeochannel environments and Ernest Henry style hydrothermal iron oxide copper gold deposits.

Archie Creek Project

Bowen Energy has completed an agreement with Baracus Pty Ltd, expanding its existing tenement package. The Archie Creek Project is located approximately 120km south west of Kununarra, encompassing several known Uranium and Fluorite (Archie’s Prospect), approximately 35km of the potentially mineralized Dunham fault zone. Significant high grade gold/silver values and uranium mineralisation has recently been reported by Northern Star Resources (NSR) at its Dunham Prospect (ASX 6 Sept 2006). The Dunham prospect which has the Frog Uranium Prospect (3,800ppm u308 ASX 20.02.07 UTO) is located immediately north along strike of the Archie Creek Project in similar host rocks. The Speewah Resource is a large high grade fluorite deposit located 24km north of the Archie Creek project. The fluorite deposit totals combined Indicated and Inferred resources of 4.4 million tonnes at 23.6% CaF2 (at 10% cut-off grade), with 3.8 million tonnes at 23.5% CaF2 in the Indicated category. Regional geological mapping indicates that the structure that hosts the Speewah mineralisation extends south to the Archie Creek project area.

Croydon Project

The Croydon Uranium Project consists of 11 EPM applications (Exploration Permits for Minerals), South East of Croydon in North Queensland. The application is for an area of (1100 sub blocks) one thousand one hundred sub-blocks. Exploration will target, potential roll front or palaeochannel style uranium mineralisation within the on lapping Mesozoic and Jurassic sequences of the Eulo and Eromanga basins. Additional potential exists for gold, and base metal occurrences within units of Proterozoic Croydon Volcanic Group and other Igneous Units of the Georgetown block in North Queensland.

Bullseye Creek Project

The Bullseye Creek Uranium Project consists of 3 EPM applications. These projects lay west of Georgetown in North Queensland. The Bullseye Creek applications fall over portions of the Proterozoic Croydon Volcanic Group and the Esmeralda Granite complex within the Georgetown Block of North Queensland.

Blackbraes Project

Blackbraes Uranium Project consists of two applications and one existing application approximately 80km south of Oasis in North Queensland. The exploration targets include uranium, gold, and base metal occurrences within units of the Einasleigh Metamorphics and younger igneous units of the Georgetown Block. Favourable conditions are interpreted from government and open file data sets to exist for Uranium mineralisation along the contact with the Broken River Province in North Queensland.

Mine For

coal, uranium, silver

Location of operation(s)

Queensland, Western Australia

Australian Basins

Bowen, Eromanga


494 Boundary St


(61 7) 9389 8818



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