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Delisted from ASX 23/04/2014

Blackwood Corporation (ASX: BWD) is an ASX listed coal exploration company with tenements throughout the major coal producing areas of Queensland. It aims to create shareholder value through the exploration and development of its portfolio of holdings, covering approximately 3,200km2 of land. Blackwood’s tenements are significantly underexplored land holdings, located in proven world-class coal production basins, with the company to engage in an aggressive drilling program to realise the potential of these tenements.

Bowen Basin

The Bowen Basin contains one of the largest coal reserves in Australia, covering an area of over 60,000km2. Thirty-four coalmines operate in the area, extracting over 100 million tonnes of coking, thermal and PCI products for export. The Bowen Basin accounts for approximately 83% of Queensland’s annual coal production. The area is renowned for its premium Hard Coking Coal, and has a number of underground coal gasification projects underway.

Blackwood Corporation holds several exploration permits in the Bowen Basin, close to existing mines and infrastructure. Priority tenements are located within the Bowen Basin.

Surat Basin

The Surat Basin stretches across over 27,000 square kilometres of land, with two thirds of it located in southern Queensland, and the remainder occupying northwest New South Wales. There are several producing coalmines within the area, and it is expected that the basin will become a boom area for development in the near future. Thermal coal is the primary coal exported from this region.

Infrastructure upgrades are being touted, such as the Southern Missing Link, which would effectively open the area up significantly to development.

Blackwood Corporation possesses several prospective exploration tenements within this area, some of which fall into its highest priority category.

Clarence-Moreton Basin

Relatively under explored compared to the other basins, the Clarence-Moreton Basin covers approximately 26,000 square kilometres of southern Queensland, and northeast New South Wales. The basin is contiguous with the Surat Basin, and resources contain similar properties – consequently, thermal coal is the primary target within this area. Good infrastructure exists, and major centres such as Warwick and Toowoomba are located within the geographical boundaries of the Basin. Several miners currently extract coal, with the Port of Brisbane being the nearest export point.

Blackwood Corporation occupy several exploration areas within the Clarence-Moreton Basin.

Galilee Basin

The Galilee Basin has a total area of 247,000km˛ and remains largely unexplored. All but one of Blackwoods EPCs are in the north-eastern portion of the basin which is well served with a sealed road and rail to the coastal port of Townsville but the central and southern portions of the basin have little existing infrastructure.

The Galilee Basin is immediately west of the Bowen Basin in Central Queensland, and contains many of the same extensive, thick and laterally continuous Permian coal measures.

Recent drilling has currently defined the coal resource in the Galilee Basin to be over 22 billion tonnes. Blackwood Corporation holds approximately 2,500km2 of EPC’s in the Galilee basin.

Mine For

coal, rare earth elements

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Australian Basins

Bowen, Surat, Galilee, Clarence-Moreton


Level 8 Grant Thornton House 102 Adelaide St
Brisbane, QLD, Australia 4000


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