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Baru Resources is an Australian public company that is focused on the identification and development of export hard coking coal and export thermal coal projects.

The Company’s project area is described as The West Galilee Project in the Eromanga Basin within 200kms of Hughenden and within 375 kms of Mount Isa in Queensland and intersecting the main railway line that runs to the port.

Baru Resources beneficially holds an interest in seven coal exploration tenures including six EPCs (Exploration Permits for Coal) and one EPCA (Exploration Permit for Coal Application).

Further drilling in these Tenements would be required, including a 2D seismic program and a 200mm large diameter coal quality testing program for coal processing simulations.

Details of the West Galilee Project:

• Location: Between Mt Isa and Hughenden and north-west of Winton in Queensland.
• Target: Hard coking coal and thermal coal.
• EPCs: 2072, 2073, 2074, 2076, 2077, 2078 and EPCA 2075
• Area: Approximately 7,140km2

The West Galilee project is initially targeting coal deposits located in the Eromanga Basin. The Company is seeking to establish a low ash, high energy quality, coking coal project as a priority as well as pursuing a large quantity thermal coal target.

The primary focus will be on EPCs 2078 and EPCA 2075 which will be explored with the objective to prove up an initial open cut mineable resource of high quality coking coal.

Whilst the immediate area around The West Galilee Project has not been historically mined for coal, the area remains relatively unexplored in terms of finding coal deposits. The Eromanga Basin is known to contain economically exploitable coal seams of thermal coal. Evidence of the presence of thermal coal has been uncovered on EPCs 2076, 2077 and 2078. Additionally, EPCA 2075 covers the Millungera Basin and the Galilee Basin which has various geological features encouraging the company that exploratory drilling on this permit would be one of our priorities.

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