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Australian Mining Maps

View a larger version of this Australian mines map which allows you to view mines locations sorted by resource (eg. find and view every coal mine in Australia). HINT: Use the zoom and pan tools on the left of the map to get a closer view or use your mouse to drag the screen around.

Google Earth Maps

To get an overview of mining activity in Australia the best way to start is by downloading the Google Earth program and then plugging in the following two data files courtesy of the Australian Mines Atlas (once you've downloaded and installed the Google Earth application the two following files will open automatically in it):

If you'd like even more detail on specific mine sites or are searching for geological survey data the following links may be of assistance.

Links to Australian Mining Maps

  • First port of call for anyone looking for Australian mining maps is the Australian Mines Atlas - it's a government-run site that has maps of mineral resources, mines and mineral processing centers.It also has helpful information about mineral resources in Australia and a history of the Australian mineral industry.
  • You might also want to look at the Australian Geoscience website which contains plenty of natural resource infomation and reports as well as customisable maps for Australian natural resources, Australian mining exploration and free geoscientific data downloads .

Mining Jobs

As you can see there is an abundance of mining operations in Western Australia and the Northern Territory and much of the land is still yet to be explored. Right now there is a large variety of high paying jobs for skilled and non skilled workers in Australian mines. Many of these mines work on an fly-in-fly-out or drive-in-drive-out basis so that miners can work on site for a few weeks and then relax in the city for a few weeks. Two popular destinations for miners and mine workers are Perth and Darwin.

To find a job at one of Western Australia's mines visit the Employment Services section of the Perth Business Directory. Or if you think you'd prefer to work out of the Northern Territory visit the Employment Services section of the Darwin Business Directory.