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Main ForumAlkane 22% HREEs plus Niobium, Hafnium and Tantalum

  • Of all the companies on our ASX Alkane Resources (ASX: ALK) is possibly the best placed to play a major role in providing the substrates for our transition to the electron economy. Not only do Alkane have a very large resource with 22% of the vital and critical H-REEs they also have a very large amount of Tantalum and Niobium and a couple of very nice gold mines to pay for their setup costs for the refining of their Rare Earth Elements and they won't be doing the latter in Malaysia.

    Below are some highlights from today's ASX announcement: Dubbo Zirconia Project (DZP)

    Quarterly Report to 30 September 2012

    Improved heavy rare earth recoveries from demonstration pilot plant (DPP)
    operation indicate potential increased yttrium, dysprosium and terbium output
    from the Project

    Current anticipated annual revenue around A$450 million does not account for uplift from the rare earth separation JV with Japan's Shin-Etsu Chemical

    Environmental Impact Statement is nearing completion and scheduled to be lodged before the end of the year

    Interim feasibility study results indicate increase in capital and operating costs but are still subject to further optimisation. The Project remains robust at the conservative costs and revenues

    Other process improvements, including water recycling, trialled on the DPP and could lead to additional cost savings

    Land and water licence acquisition, and infrastructure development initiated

    Core hole TOD003 intersects 107.4 metres grading 1.83% ZrO2, 0.035% HfO2, 0.39% Nb2O5, 0.022% Ta2O5, 0.12% Y2O3, 0.74% REO (TYREO 0.86%) with a heavy rare earth distribution of 22%

    Preliminary testing for tantalum recovery has produced promising results

  • Alkane is one of my favourite shares. I think they are certain to do well. The Tommingly gold mine, at US$1500/oz by itself should be worth over Au 70c per share. The zirconium and REO mine will make a lot more money. But here is the reason why the share price is so low. How will they raise the 1billion needed to make the mine and processing plant? It should be easy but who knows.

  • Hi Sparty, Great info. No deal done and not likely until 2014, but the players are on the court. A hopeful $200mill sale of 10% of the project (even 150 would be good) and with Alkane's share price at 63.5c giving a current market capital of Au$236mill, ... by gosh ALK looks a great buy. I am trying to stay out of the market but... ALK is very tempting. Alite

  • Alkane Resources Very High Gold Grades at Caloma Two including 1150g/t March 7th, 2013

    RC drilling of the Caloma Two deposit within the Tomingley Gold Project (TGP) continues to return strong results including the highest grade intersection recorded within the TGP:

    PE 873 1 metre grading 821g/t gold from 196 metres within 9 metres grading 110g/t gold from 194 metres

    Other significant RC results
    from Caloma Two include:

    PE 833 8 metres grading 328g/t gold from 36 metres

    PE 835 10 metres grading 238g/t gold from 37 metres
    5 metres grading 571g/t gold from 75 metres

    PE 841 20 metres grading 330g/t gold from 58 metres
    3 metres grading 102g/t gold from 63 metres

    PE 843 26 metres grading 238g/t gold from 174 metres
    2 metres grading 678g/t gold from 198 metres

    PE 849 7 metres grading 446g/t gold from 48 metres
    3 metres grading 752g/t gold from 50 metres

    PE 856 23 metres grading 246g/t gold from 78 metres
    8 metres grading 425g/t gold from 85 metres

    PE 857 8 metres grading 443g/t gold from 80 metres
    2 metres grading 1150g/t gold from 83 metres

    PE 858 10 metres grading 322g/t gold from 84 metres
    3 metres grading 611g/t gold from 85 metres
    27 metres grading 200g/t gold from 216 metres
    2 metres grading 679g/t gold from 240 metres

    Mouth watering gold grades for one of Australia’s most interesting emerging resource companies with a wonderful suite of resources including strategic metals and rare earth elements plus a couple of emerging gold mines to fund the DZP project.

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