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Main ForumMalaysia as a commodity hub?????

  • Recent reports suggesting that Malaysia is seeking to become a commodities trading hub beggars belief. That savvy financial firms would risk investing resources into Malaysia would indicate that they haven't been paying attention to how easily the Malaysian govt. is manipulated by its easily misled populace.

    True Singapore is running out of land but for S.E. Asian countries to trust Malaysia with LNG storage and distribution would be somewhat akin to saying that Russia is a safe and trusted energy supplier to Western Europe.

    Perhaps it should be Australia, with its established rule of law, that should step up to the plate.

    Personally I would never trust Malaysia again after what they did to Lynas Corp.

  • They are STILL doing it to Lynas.

    The Australian Government, Lynas, Arafura, and Alkane should get together to hash out how the Lynas' plant could be relocated to Darwin and become an independent processing hub for all Australian REO. Get processing on shore and watch industries spring up around it.

  • Completely agree!

  • Malaysia continues to be an investment destination to avoid -too many uneducated easily inflamed village people connected to social media!

    But Alite I doubt that we will see Australia become part of a vertically integrated supply chain in the REE space.

  • The hits continue for Lynas as self serving Malay politicians score points by inflaming the situation ahead of the upcoming election. I hope Lynas pulls up stumps and relocates home. We will take the jobs. Sparty, I know it is not going to happen but I can wish it.

  • Wish it: maybe suggest it to the Coalition.

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