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    • 4m composite sampling from reverse circulation Resource definition drilling1 at the Teal gold project return highly encouraging results
    • Best preliminary downhole intercepts from within and below the Teal Stage 1 pit design include:
    • 32m @ 24.05g/t Au from 32m (including 4m @ 194.78g/t Au from 44m) – TRC1608
    • 36m @ 2.02g/t Au from 36m (including 24m @ 2.80g/t Au from 40m) – TRC1605
    • 52m @ 2.36g/t Au from 64m (including 12m @ 4.26g/t Au from 64m) – TRC1609
    • 4m @ 7.50g/t Au from 40m – TRC1603
    • 24m @ 2.85g/t Au from 52m (including 4m @ 9.14g/t Au from 72m) – TRC1603
  • Great stuff… not a vein as I saw it…. but a beautiful thing

  • I love a bit of hindsight: Share price from Oct 2017 to today (April 2018) the price has risen from 10c to 22c. A beautiful thing

  • Agreed, a beauty with more to come. I particularly like the Vanadium, Richmond hosts a 2004 JORC resource of 3.3 billion tonnes with 0.40% V205 vanadium and 295g/t molybdenum mineralisation and that they have a JV in place as well as lots of other co-credits.

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