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  • Recent reports have surfaced that China is restricting the export of Vanadium and suggest that China may be to begin stockpiling Vanadium under the guise of: "The designation of state-planned mining zones for rare earth and iron will pave the way for the drafting of national planning for the prospecting and development of the country’s major rare earth and iron-rich zones. In addition, the mining rights will be authorized in line with the economic and market needs. That could ease the supply shortage and lead to the use of the resources in a more efficient manner. In that way, the national strategic resources will be exploited in a more sustainable way."

    China's Vanadium reserves are 18.6 million tons, accounting for 52 percent of China’s total. Titanium reserves total 618 million tons, accounting for 95 percent of China’s total titanic iron ore reserves.

    It is generally well known that vanadium has historically been used to strengthen steel: Vanadium (V) is used in metal alloys with iron to produce high strength steel which has a wide range of uses, including structural applications such as gas and oil pipelines, tool steel, the manufacture of axles and crankshafts for the motor vehicle industry and in jet engines for the aircraft industry as well as for reinforcing bars in building and construction.

    So why the change in China's policy and the focus on vanadium?

    The following paragraph from Rare Earth Investing News goes some way to explaining this change:

    "Battery technology"

    Vanadium redox battery (VRB) technology is set to revolutionize grid level power storage. These batteries are special because of the number of deep cycles they can withstand over the course of their lives and rapid charge rate. Battery systems that use vanadium redox batteries have the ability to store massive amounts of energy. These VRB systems use about one to five tons of vanadium pentoxide, which at the current price of around $7 per pound can result in battery prices to be quite high. With the market in a short supply of high-grade vanadium pentoxide, some VRB manufacturers are paying more than $7 per pound for the product.

    Michael Hyslop, Director of Corporate Development for American Vanadium spoke with Resource Investing News about VRB systems in relation to grid level storage.

    “The market for vanadium redox batteries is huge because the need for larger grid level storage, not just for wind or solar power storage, but grid in general is rising. In order to raise grid capacity you don’t have to flow electricity at peak times. The cost of flowing energy at those times is astronomical… and the amount of vanadium electrolyte that needs to be produced to meet new market demand it is astronomical,” stated Hyslop.

    The road to grid level storage from VRB systems is not an easy one. Currently, there isn’t enough vanadium production for these batteries to fully take off.

    “There are technical hurdles that we believe can be overcome fairly easily, and the only reason they haven’t been overcome, is because there has never been a guaranteed cheap supply of vanadium electrolyte,” said Hyslop. He also stated that due to level of interest and the funding that is going toward the production of these batteries, the shortcomings in terms of energy density may be solved this year."

    So why did I post this on Australian Shares?

    Well as we increasingly find Australia is going to play a major part in supplying the World's vanadium....

    "Geoscience Australia data indicates that Australia has the world's fourth largest Vanadium resources, however recently published figures by ASX companies Intermin Resources and Speewah Metals probably have shifted us to third place."

    And how can you benefit? I'd been keen to get into a small micro-cap with a massive amount of vanadium.... especially one that has endured a fall in its price due to a capital raising..... Vandium-asx-jorc-resources.gif comp-vanadium-deposits.gif I hold a couple of the above.....

  • We have just reworked the data and added some links on Vanadium Australia

  • (Source: Datamonitor)tracking

    Prudent Energy, a clean energy company, has finalized the installation of a 1MWh Vanadium Redox Battery, or VRB, energy storage system, sized at a rated power 500kW and a peak power of 750kW pulse capability for the China Electric Power Research Institute in Zhangbei, Hebei province in northern China.

    This project is part of the National Wind Power Integration Research and Test Center of China (NWIC) owned by State Grid Corporation of China, using 30 wind turbines with at least 78 MW of generating capacity, and 640kW of solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity and 2.5MW of energy storage.

    "This project demonstrates how Prudent Energy's Vanadium Redox Battery energy storage technology helps to integrate renewable energy into power networks to ensure grid stability. Rapid and deep cycling Vanadium Redox Battery energy storage technology has many advantages to qualify it as an essential component of the future grid," said Johnson Chiang, CEO of Prudent Energy. Read full story

  • I see that IRC went up by 14.8% on good volume on Friday.

    Possibly due to the installation of China's massive new Vanadium Redox Battery confirming China's ongoing interest in vanadium?

  • Prudent adds two more VRB's to the Californian grid

    Prudent Energy, a clean energy company, has finalized the installation of a 1MWh Vanadium Redox Battery, or VRB, energy storage system, sized at a rated power 500kW and a peak power of 750kW pulse capability for the China Electric Power Research Institute in Zhangbei, Hebei province in northern China.

    Today's announcement of a second very large VRB for California could be taken as confirmation that Vanadium Redox batteries are going to play a strong part in green energy storage...

    BETHESDA, Md., March 9, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Prudent Energy, the designer, manufacturer, and integrator of the patented Vanadium Redox Battery Energy Storage System (VRB-ESS?), has been awarded a grant from the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC), in cooperation with SunPower Corp. (Nasdaq: SPWRA, SPWRB), Pacific Gas and Electric, KEMA, and Sandia National Laboratories of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), to build and operate a VRB-ESS? with SunPower's photovoltaic (PV) systems.

    Prudent Energy's clean energy storage project is a welcome addition to the CPUC's California Solar Initiative (CSI) Research, Development, Deployment and Demonstration (RD&D) Plan. Prudent's "flow battery" system works like a rechargeable fuel cell, where chemical energy is converted to electrical energy at a moment's notice. In particular, Prudent's VRB-ESS? will help SunPower's commercial customers reduce their energy costs by drawing on stored power during those few hours each day when the sun goes down, but electricity usage and rates remain high. The system is thus expected to substantially improve the economics of distributed solar energy technologies.

    "We are very excited to join SunPower, the CPUC, DOE, PG&E, and our other partners in this project," said Jeff Pierson, Prudent Energy's senior vice president. "Prudent's Vanadium Redox Battery is an excellent fit in the distributed solar market. We expect to give California ratepayers what they want most "major savings on their electric utility bills."

    Prudent Energy is responsible for a 100 kW, 300 kWh turn-key VRB-ESS?, scheduled for completion this fall. The location has not been announced. The project comes on the heels of another recent announcement that Prudent Energy was building and operating a 600 kW, 3.6 MWh VRB-ESS? facility at Gills Onions in Oxnard, California.

    Australian ASX listed companies control a large amount of the world's Vanadium resources... I've collated some information here.

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