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  • Vandium-asx-jorc-resources.gif
    Read IRC's ASX update IRC Market cap of < $13 as of the 24/01/2011 watch it fly.

    See why IRC will fly

    Vanadium has recently described as being central to the "Holy Grail of Renewable Energy" - Grid Scale Power Storage

    That the ability to provide grid scale energy storage will revolutionise green energy is obvious as it will allow the energy derived from sun and wind to be stored and used on demand over extended periods and it is here that vanadium's remarkable properties will be put to use. According to Marc Davis, "Governments the world over are directing billions of dollars of grants into vanadium’s fast-emerging role in the electrification of society’s energy supplies. And major corporations are likewise investing in this ‘next big thing’ in the hopes of addressing global warming and society’s dependence on dwindling fossil fuel reserves.

    By way of explanation, a new generation of advanced green batteries is set to do everything from beefing up electric cars to providing uninterrupted solar and wind power to whole cities. That’s because of a crucial new battery ingredient, vanadium, which can cost-effectively supercharge batteries of any size, even ones so big they have to be housed in substations for large-scale power grid usage.

    Most significantly, vanadium-enhanced batteries can store prolific amounts of energy, which solves the major drawback of alternative energy. For instance, solar power currently cannot be harnessed for use when the sun doesn't shine, and at night-time. Likewise, the electricity generated by wind turbines presently goes to waste when the wind stops blowing or when the wind speed is too high or too low.

    The only limitation to this breakthrough battery technology is the scarcity of the planet’s economically viable vanadium deposits. So the world’s few primary vanadium producers will be pressed to their very limits in trying to satisfy a looming year-on-year exponential surge in demand for this increasingly invaluable 21st century metal." Read full article

  • It is reported that the prices for vanadium have been rising since the bottom fell out of the world markets in 2008. The outlook for vanadium is healthy on the back of increasing steel demand and also because the use of vanadium in battery technology.

    The use of vanadium in batteries geared towards hybrid vehicles has tremendous growth potential, as well as its use in vanadium redox flow batteries. These batteries were highlighted in an article on Vanadium Investing News last week. Many mining juniors are actively pursuing new resources to capitalize on these new developments, in a market that has the potential to expand dramatically.

    Vanadium mining is a tricky business. The metal is never found in its metallic form, instead it occurs in tandem with over 150 various minerals, crude oil deposits, coal, tar sands, and also as a byproduct of uranium mining. Read Steel Gurus full story

    (Intermin Resources - ASX: IRC must be smiling as they have a Vanadium - Molybdenum deposit and Molybdenum is also in increasingly higher demand. "The versatility of molybdenum in enhancing a variety of alloy properties has ensured it a significant role in contemporary industrial technology, which increasingly requires materials that are serviceable under high stress, expanded temperature ranges, and highly corrosive environments. Moreover, molybdenum finds significant usage as a refractory metal in numerous chemical applications, including catalysts, lubricants, and pigments. Few of molybdenum's uses have acceptable substitutions. World resources = ~20mt. USGS 2011) IRC has ~1.3mt Molybdenum resource. Moly Mines has 441,000t)

    Apella Resources Inc recently announced that one of the inventors of the redox flow battery is joining their advisory board. Australian Professor Skyllas Kazacos is well known worldwide as the scientific researcher and pioneer who is credited with the invention of the Vanadium Redox Battery. With the addition of Professor Skyllas Kazacos the company is hoping to develop its Vanadium Iron Titanium assets for their use in battery technology.

  • I see that IRC went up by 14.8% on good volume on Friday.

    Possibly due to the installation of China's massive new Vanadium Redox Battery confirming China's ongoing interest in vanadium?

  • AXF Vanadium Pty Ltd formally commits to expend the second stage expenditure on the Richmond vanadium JV of A$5 million by March 2021

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