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Main ForumConverting low rank coal/lignite into valuable commodities

  • Converting low rank coal/lignite into valuable commodities

    A pilot plant to prove that the underground coal to liquids (UCTLTM) process can convert low rank brown coal/lignite into valuable commodities is set to be commissioned this month. Owner of the plant, Regal Resources’ first focus of the testing program will be on placing samples within the test vessel and exposing them to the UCTL high velocity/temperature water spray with supercritical properties. Other samples of Canadian oil sands are intended to be included in the surface testing program.

    The site office, control panel and surface test vessel have been delivered and drilling works for the monitoring bores are completed. Completion of the remainder of site works and other commissioning activities are on time and schedule. It is anticipated that a significant amount of information will be gained from using the test vessel. While underway, pressure testing of the existing wells will be completed prior to transferring the UCTL trials process underground, which is expected to commence this month.

    The aim is to produce crude oil that is acceptable to existing refineries, gas for domestic supply or power generation and heat for use in electricity generation. The pilot test aims to verify the production of long-chain hydrocarbons with low CO2 emissions.

    Read about the UCTL process

    The above process has a direct focus on Australia's liquid fuel Independence as Australia's Central Petroleum: ASX: CTP) has over 1.2 trillion tons of coal suitable for this process. And as 1 ton of coal converts to around 1.5 BOE we have enough oil for Australia's needs for hundreds of years....

  • Cripes, the "ifs" and "buts" associated with this company could, if put together, save Tiger Wood's relationship. But the truth will alway leak through. The claim of " Low rank coal to a valuable commodity" is a long way off as high rank coal is readily available world wide. CTP's claims may be true but they are a company of 52 mill in capital. They could barely wipe my ass as build a low rank coal mine. Steer clear Alite

  • I think that you might like to read their last few reports: I've collated the info on this page:

    CTP is the type of company that I like to invest in... high risk, high reward.

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