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  • Central Petroleum's John Heugh's interview with Oil and Gas Year has raised a storm of controversy across several forums including Topstocks and Hot Copper. The usual suspects are talking misconduct, idiocy, exaggeration etc but it becomes fairly clear (after reading their posts) that many of the posters haven't even bothered to read the interview and even more obvious that many have not been following the CTP's progress over the last few years.

    In the understatement of the year J Heugh mentions that CTP "lacks credibility in the market". Personally having closely followed CTP's progress and as an early investor I couldn't agree more.... but the lack of credibility seems to rest with the laziness of Australia's broking houses so called researchers and the various other market commentators who never venture beyond the ASX's top 100.

    IMO CTP is one of Australia's great gems and those that get on board are in for huge gains.


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