Australian Shares is the world's biggest free online database of information on Australian resource companies.

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Australian Shares


Australian is the largest freely-available online database of Australian mining companies in the world. All the information is independently researched and constantly updated to provide investors, media and interested stakeholders with an up-to-date, accurate snapshot of what Australia's mining companies are doing at any given point in time.

Information is sourced from company websites, announcements provided to the Australian Stock Exchange and media articles from a wide range of Australian and international sources. This website also provides the public with a range of other news articles, information resources and links relevant to activity in the Australian mining industry. 

While we endeavour to keep this website as current as we can, it is not possible to guarantee complete accuracy. Please do not rely on the information in this website to make investment decisions. Presume that any information you find here is a guide only and check official sources, such as the Australian Stock Exchange and Australian Securities and Investment Commission, for clarification on anything you read here.

The publishers do not accept liability for any loss of any kind related to anyone's use of this website. 

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