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  • ASX Uraniums lifting off over last 3 months September 6th, 2014

    Quite a lot in the press about the resurgence in uranium as a power source with lots of articles citing new reactor builds and restarts coming over the next few years. Pleasingly my top pick of the ASX listed uranium plays, based on it having the world’s cheapest uranium in the ground (EV/Resources) with two, very large, low cost to mine, off-shore, resources in two uranium friendly provinces with one ready to go is leading the pack.

    We tracked this company via a social media analysis tool ( prior to engaging with it and then used the data to invest. A newish way of doing things but in reality a subtler and importantly an earlier way of measuring “sentiment”.

    Social media pays off for uranium investing trial

    We will now run Dialogix across the various sectors (energy, copper, PMs, phosphate-potash, etc.) that seem to be coming into play and then drill down to the individual companies and invest accordingly.

  • aee-projects-1024x674.jpg

  • "A newish way of doing things but in reality a subtler and importantly an earlier way of measuring “sentiment”. Momentum and sentiment are useful but in some ways you are then involved with moving with the herd. What we are seeing with social media analysis is the ability to get there a few weeks or even months ahead of the herd.

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