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  • Toyota as described in the article below have developed a new powerful magnet suitable for "substitution" of Dysprosium in the making of powerful rare earth motor magnets. This breakthrough gives Australia another edge in the REEs as Australia has several companies with relatively large amounts. The ASX listed companies with notable amounts include Lynas Corp, Greenland Energy and Minerals, Alkane resources and Arufura Resources - all of which have JORC REE deposits.

    New Toshiba motor avoids China rare earth: report
    By Michael Kitchen

    LOS ANGELES (MarketWatch) -- As Japan attempts to reduce its dependence on rare-earth minerals from China, Japanese tech-focused conglomerate Toshiba Corp. has developed a powerful motor magnet that sidesteps the need for China-sourced dysprosium, the Nikkei reported Friday.

    While dysprosium is mostly found in China, the new Toshiba motor substitutes a different rare-earth metal -- samarium -- which abounds in Australia and the U.S., the report said. Japan and China have clashed over rare earths, notably in late 2010, when China briefly halted rare-earth shipments to Japan. The Nikkei report said Toshiba hopes to begin selling the new engine, which can be used in cars, trains and industrial machinery, by next March.


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