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Main ForumDR Michael Ruane Australian (unloved) Elephant Hunter

  • Investors interested in companies with very large resources and micro market caps could do well to follow Dr Michael Ruane PHD Member of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute.

    Dr Rouane is a director of Reward Minerals ASX RWD and CEO of Intermin Resources ASX; IRC. He has interests in ActiveEx ASX: AIV and Leaf Energy ASX: LER.

    The two charts below show interesting and obvious information..... that points to Dr Rouane's interests....

    Potash-ASX-Listed.gif Note that RWD has a huge amount of Potash in their JORC results and a bevy of other Potash projects at various stages of exploration. To put RWD's potash resource into perspective ActiveEx has enough potash for a 25 year mine life.

    Of late Potash seems to becoming onto investors radars and RWD has seen a nice trend emerging...

    Turning to Intermin Resources -one of several companies that I think are on the verge of a veritable explosion of interest on the back of China and other countries (USA) waking up to the potential of Vanadium Redox Batteries (VRBs) for green derived mass energy storage you can again see evidence of "elephantitis". Having a giant vanadium deposit, that in terms of the world's known resources most likely is in the top 10 and a mini microcap ($14m) certainly focuses my mind....( if not the share markets). See below:

    Australian companies with JORC Vanadium Resources (V2O5 t)

    I haven't been following Active Ex but a brief look at their website and their project areas show that they have enormous potential... the recent finding of high grade Heavy Rare Earths, near Cloncurry didn't hurt... Mkt cap $8m.

    Leaf Energy another micro-cap has some extremely interesting projects and has nailed a couple of patents. This is a story that will unfold and I am looking forward to following them.

    I hold IRC and RWD.

  • With each cycle a new herd of unloved elephants become loved. The trick is to identify them early and invest in them.

    (unloved = small market cap... elephant = huge resource/high grades)

    As an early investor in Queensland CSM sector, Australia's rare earths and Australian listed Namibian uranium plays I am fairly pleased with the "unloved elephants" that I have invested in over the past 5 years....

    The next herd to emerge will I predict include: Potash, Phosphate and Underground Coal Gasification and Gas to Liquids. Eventually Hot Rock Energy plays will do well on the back of the near term success of PTR commercializing their Paralana project.

  • Looks like IRC is getting some love today... several other ASX listed Vanadium plays are also moving..... Good Vanadium Redox Battery (VRB) story published today here ....... And a lot more here

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