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Main ForumAustralian rare earth companies: Is Australia a leading edge player?

  • Here is a list of Australian ASX listed companies with proven JORC deposits of Rare Earth Elements:


    ASX Code: ALK

    Market Cap AUD$93m (23/4/2010)
    Jorc Resource at Dubbo, NSW.


    ASX Code: ARU

    Market Cap AUD$169m (23/4/2010)
    JORC resource at Nolan's Bore, NT.


    ASX Code: GGG

    Market Cap AUD$109m (23/4/2010)
    JORC resource at Kvanefjeld, Greenland.


    ASX Code: LYC

    Market Cap AUD$894m (23/4/2010)
    JORC resource at Mt Weld, WA.


    ASX Code: NAV

    Market Cap AUD$76m (23/4/2010)
    JORC resource at Cummins Range, East Kimberly, WA


    And this link will take you to a list of Australian ASX listed companies with some REEs but have not reached the JORC stage.


    The confusion as to Alkanes % of H-REE:L-REE comes from this image:


    Note: The 60% figure includes  yttrium and scandium


    That the Great Western Minerals Corp Steenkampskraal deposit may have marginally higher % of REEs than Mt Weld is of interest... I'd like a link to the actual JORC please.


    However I see that they are only just starting a BFS and that puts them a very long way behind LYC.


    Finally in all probablity the new finds that GGG has recently announced and the substantial Greenland ground containing similar deposits of REE without Uranium or Thorium held by a private Australian company will probably skew the market markedly. And if Greenland, as it is rumoured, is about to change its Uranium extraction policy the centre of the REE universe is about to shift markedly.


    Whatever else Australian ASX listed companies are on track to become some of the world's dominant REE/REO players. Welcome to Australia the lucky energy country.


    And the image below shows why this is becoming a very vital issue...



    You may also be interested in some of these sites if you have an interest in the electron-economy: (ASX listed mining and energy companies: Searchable by substance, code etc)

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