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Main ForumAustralia's Eastern states face supply shortages - Rod Sims

  • Exploration bans and regulatory uncertainty is likely to result in higher gas prices and tight supplies, competition tsar Rod Sims has warned while foreshadowing a shake-up in gas pipeline regulation.

    Much of the gas supplied to households and businesses in eastern Australia has come from the Cooper Basin, but with this gas now supplying Queensland's export projects, gas from the Otway and Bass basins in southern Australia has been left to plug the gap. But with these two supply sources in decline, this means the Gippsland Basin will be increasingly important in filling the gap.

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  • ASX; AQJ
    ASX: LKO

  • East coast Australians will be paying world market prices for gas less a small discount. If you have not already done it in your home, it is time to go electric for your heating needs. :-)

  • I have to say though that AQJ and LKO are wild outside the box shares that at 0.002 and 0.001 are un-buyable with every chance of loosing all of your money and little chance of making a dollar for years. There are better bets in the Cooper basin and at a pinch, CTP if the connecting gas line is built.

  • Hi Alite - Re wild side - can be a wild ride. LKO goes up and down from .001 and .002 (100%) and if you have the time and patience you could trade it.

  • Sparty, respectfully, IMO, LKO is "Not Tradable".

  • I've found that I don't have the patience to trade them - but I see that there are quite a few that do so.... However I hold and have accumulated as I like the potential for an extreme out-performance but recognise that it is a speculative bet with the chance of losing my capital.... Note that I have bought them at their nadir.

  • Sparty, few have your patience. But I love your long term view.

  • I see that Gina R has just gone over 20%

  • I'd not follow Gina's directions if I had a meat pie and she told me that there was tomato sauce around the corner. GINA does not know. The 20% you stated… it is only useful if Gina was not involved

  • "For the next century we believe that the Northern Australia, with its untapped 17 million hectares of arable soil, 40 per cent of the Australian land mass and around 60 per cent of Australia's rainfall and of course 90 per cent of Australia's gas reserves, will drive Australia's prosperity," Mr Styles said

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