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  • It looks like CTP is starting to run hard. No new news but I think that the re-run of the ABC's Catalyst program that compared Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) to Coal Seam Methane (CSM) with all of its problems with underground water depletion has got people thinking about the relative merits of UCG.

    UCG not only doesn't have to extract literally millions of liters of salty underground water and the consequent risks to the local farmers land when it is dumped into evaporation ponds and to the Great Artesian Basin itself and the known effects on the local water table, UCG also provides for a much more efficient and less costly utilisation of the coal itself.

    CSM extraction is said to use less than 5% of the coals' energy whereas UCG uses around 98% of the coals' energy. This coupled with the ability to vary the input air mix into the burn chamber also means that different gas mixes can be produced.

    The Catalyst program clearly showed that Queensland has chosen the wrong horse when they legislated against UCG in favor of CSM. Not only may they pay the price in electoral terms they have also lost huge potential revenues as several currently based UCG plays are moving out to South Australia and to the Northern Territory.... and this is where CTP comes into the story....

    CTP found around a trillion tons of UCG suitable coal in its Northern Territory leases.... These are deep, thick coal seams that are ideal for UCG.... And using Linc Energy's proven UCG-GTL (Gas to liquids process) 1t of coal = 1.5 - 2 barrels of oil equivalent for $28 per barrel.... Note the nearby Adelaide-Darwin railway

    And my guess is that one of the Qld UCG plays have started to have a very close look at CTP's coal. My bet is that it is LNC taking the closest interest but Carbon Energy or Cougar could also be in the running.

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    Read about Australia's pathway to liquid fuel independence here at


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