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Main ForumAustralian Gold Production and Explorers shrugging off the Costello Curse

  • Our gold industry was severely bashed about by Peter Costello when he was the Federal Govt Treasurer. Costello sold off most of Australia's gold reserves for ~$350 dollars and shredded Australia's gold miners in the process. . (Gordon Brown made an even bigger mistake when he sold off Britain's much larger horde of Gold)

    Now with the price of gold on a sustained high Australian Gold producers have outperformed over the last quarter with a 22% (12t) rise in production from both old mines and new mines. Moreover our explorers are again actively hunting and several explorers are making the transition to production.

    The merger of Lihir into Newcrest has given Australia one of the world's biggest gold miners and their is a large gap between NCM and the next rank of producers....



    For many Gold investors the action for outstanding gains is in the explorers that are heading into production....Australia has literally hundreds of companies involved in gold exploration and near term production - the so called emerging producers.

    * Australian Gold Explorers with 10m - 1m ozs resource

    * Australian Gold Explorers with 1m - 100000 0zs resource

    * Australian Gold Explorers with resources of 100,000 ozs of gold or less

    * List of producers

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