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Main Forum Metagasco makes largest conventional gas discovery in NSW

  • The results to date from the testing program on the Kingfisher E1 well have confirmed the presence of a large gas resource within the Kingfisher gas field. The Kingfisher field can be characterised as a stacked sand reservoir with gas bearing sands of varying permeability and porosity. A significant number of these sands have demonstrated tight gas properties. Tight gas is currently a major contributor to gas production in the US where proven fracture stimulation techniques (or “fraccing”) have been successfully applied to exploit tight gas resources. Fraccing involves stimulating the production of fractures within a tight matrix rock and propping open these fractures with sand or other proppant material to allow gas to flow to the well head. Production rates generally improve by a significant multiple from the application of this process. Metgasco is now well advanced in designing a frac for the Kingfisher field which will be trialled in the Test 5 interval. Information obtained from this frac will form the basis for detailed frac design work for future Kingfisher wells.

    Net pay 30.3 metres Gross pay 138 metres Test 1: Ripley Road 2050 - 2043.7 md Test 2: Ripley Road 2036.5 – 1980 md Test 3: Gatton 1942.3 – 1930 md Test 4: Gatton 1558.5 - 1544 md 1605.5 - 1593.3 md 1754 - 1745 md Test 5: Gatton 1453 - 1450 md Initial appraisal test: Heifer Creek 1,274 md

    Background to Kingfisher E1 Kingfisher E1 is the first appraisal well of the Kingfisher field located in PEL 16 in the Clarence Moreton basin in northern New South Wales. The well was drilled in November 2009 to appraise the Heifer Creek and upper Gatton sandstones and explore the lower Gatton and Ripley Road sandstones. Metgasco’s initial analysis is that the field has a contingent resource of 77 Bcf (P50) and 284 Bcf (P10) which is the largest conventional gas discovery in the history of New South Wales oil and gas exploration. Results from the production testing program will provide further information on the scale and commercial significance of this discovery.

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