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Main ForumAnother way to play Energy -target the electron economy

  • I put this post up in 20I0 and since then we have seen massive policy initiatives in Europe, USA, China and other countries around the world that aim to shift us away from a carbon based economy towards and electron based one where we create electrons with cleaner energy resources: Solar, Wind, perhaps Geothermal, Nuclear and Gas, the latter for the transition period and then use these electrons across a broad range including transport, heating, manufacturing etc.

    Consequently we are likely to see a shift in substrate usage, likely downwards for coal and upwards for materials that conduct, store and used to make electrons work.

    Consequently I wonder if the way to play energy is to concentrate on or at least understand the “choke” points for the emerging low carbon economy and its cohort the Electron Economy.

    Here in Australia we are blessed with around 40% of the world’s economically mineable uranium and more gas be it CSM/LNG etc than we could ever use. We also have the world’s hottest and shallowest Hot Rocks and that makes us one of the very few countries that will have virtually unlimited power to produce electricity plus we have enough deep coal to provide "liquid fuel security"*.

    *(Liquid fuel security: A lot of attention around the world is currently being directed towards UCG-GTL that could eventually utilise our vast coal deposits by turning them into a range of highly purified fuels including Diesel, Kerosene etc and the liquid fuel independence that will bring to Australia.)

    If we are to shift towards the other half of the equation where we utilize the electrons produced from the above mentioned energy sources then Australia’s ASX listed companies with 45% of the World’s Rare Earth Elements and its virtual strangle hold on the ex-China heavy Rare Earths, plus our very large Lithium rock and brine deposits, gigantic Cobalt, Vanadium, Tantalum and other so called "strategic/critical" metals puts the investment in Australian Energy into a different light.

    We have explored these subjects in some depth and in particular have sign-posted the investment opportunities available with a series of dedicated websites including:

    You can also use our Australian Shares database for an initial scan to see which companies have what resources via our something in the ground search tool by going to our home page and entering the substance you are looking for and ticking the something in the ground box. You will be returned a list of our ASX listed companies with that resource. Click this link to see the results of a search for Tantalum. Then drill down by clicking on the company/companies that you are interested in for a summary and links to their websites.

    The shift to the electron economy will be a giant win for our planet and could also be a major win for you in terms of wealth creation.

  • Knowing the electron's value is one thing but making sure it is used properly is more important. Australia should benificate the uranium and then ensure it is made into energy and not weapons. If we do this then Australia must have a repository for spent rods. Australia is uniquely qualified as a radioactive spent fuel dump.

    Sparty, do you advocate a uranium spent fuel dump in Australia?

  • Absolutely. I have been agitating for a cradle to grave uranium industry solution for over 20 years.

    I think the snips below will show you that I have firmly nailed my colors to the mast on this issues.....

    I wrote this two years ago: "

    My vision for Australia includes our geothermal resources being used to provide the bulk of Australia's electricity requirements, our Rare Earths and Lithium to "translate" the electron flows and our super-abundant coal resources to be used for the production of liquid fuels for export. I also believe that Australia should establish a "cradle to grave" uranium export industry.


    And on Australian Uranium issues

    "However as Australia has around 40% of the world's easily mined uranium there is a valid call for a debate that takes into consideration the position of other less energy rich countries who are at present clamoring for Australian uranium. And if Australia markedly expands its' uranium exports can we then not take part in a 'cradle to grave' industry that includes waste storage and reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel?"


  • Hi, It is probably time to re-visit the electron economy in the light of the Obama's new energy policy of a ~30% reduction in Co2 emissions, China's massive effort to clean up its air pollution and Russia's willingness to use its' stranglehold on Europe's gas supplies.

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