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Main ForumTrading The ASX Has Just Been Made Easy

  • For those Members & Guests struggling to pick up on early trading opportunities when trading the ASX..... Then give this Web Based Program a Try, Its general focus is picking up on Volume.

    For years I have found that I could make a lot of money buying shares where this price and volume increase occurred. People were prepared to throw lots of cash at any stock that showed some promise even when sometimes it made no sense at all. As is to be expected the events of the last year or so put a stop to this.

    Not every trading strategy works all the time, that' s why traders/investors need to utilize the best tools available to take advantage off the up & coming Bull market that will eventually return, in fact I can see a glimmer of light appearing right now

    Have just recently put this blog together that gives a brief overview of what the Program does, & no its not a Black Box gadget :)

    Uranium Company Search

    ASX Live Feed Volume Program

    Uranium Break-Out Charts

    Cheers from your resident Member :rolleyes:



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